Sifchain Token Sale Information

Registration for the Sifchain Token Sale is Now Closed. The Token Sale will go live for registered participants on February 19th, 5:00am GMT at (See our medium post for step by step instructions.)

Please note that the sale is NOT open to the U.S. and OFAC blacklisted countries.

Rowan Token Details

The Rowan will be the functional token of the Sifchain network. For convenience, Token Sale purchasers will be able to purchase wrapped Rowan tokens, eRowan, on the Ethereum network. All eRowan will be convertible to Rowan 1:1 on the Sifchain network when mainnet launches. All unsold eRowan will be returned to the ecosystem pool after the end of the sale.

Total Rowan: 1 Billion
Sale Minimum Contribution Amount: 1 USDT
Sale Maximum Contribution Amount: None
Accepted form of payment: USDT
Accepted wallet: Metamask
ERC20 Token Name: eRowan
ERC20 Token Symbol: eRowan
Total eRowan: 70 Million

  • Public Sale
  • Private R2
  • Private R1
  • Seed
  • Ecosystem
  • Team
  • Team Reserve

Investment Rounds

NamePercentageToken PriceRaise AmountFully Diluted Market CapLockup
Private R24.5% (45M Rowan)$0.03$1,350,000$30M0% for first month after launch of Sifchain mainnet, 1/12th per month for 12 months thereafter
Private R124% (240M Rowan)$0.0125$3,000,000$12.5M0% for first month after launch of Sifchain mainnet, 1/12th per month for 12 months thereafter
Seed4% (40M Rowan)$0.00625$250,0006.25M0% for first month after launch of Sifchain mainnet, 1/12th per month for 12 months thereafter
Ecosystem26.5% (265M Rowan)TBDTBDTBDDependent on Sifchain Core Team at the launch of BetaNet and SifDAO over time
Team10% (100M Rowan)0% for first month after launch of Sifchain mainnet, 1/12th per month for 12 months thereafter
Team Reserve24% (240M Rowan)0% for first month after launch of Sifchain mainnet, 1/12th per month for 12 months thereafter

*Note: The lockup countdown for the seed and private rounds, and the team and team reserve starts at mainnet, not BetaNet (which launches alongside the public round). During BetaNet, the tokens cannot be sold as BetaNet time does not increment the lockup countdown. However, the tokens can be used to delegate and collect validator income, which makes them useful for securing the network during BetaNet.

Token Sale Instructions

Step 1

Fill out the Sifchain Token Sale Registration form:

You will need to provide:

  • Personal Information (Name, Email, Address, etc.)
  • A Metamask wallet address from which you will send USDT and receive eRowan. Be sure that you have the private keys to this wallet.
  • Government Issued Photo ID
  • Proof of Address (Utility bill, bank statement, or paystub showing your name and address)

Step 2

Receive a confirmation email from us containing your confirmation code.

Step 3

When the Token Sale begins, send your USDT contribution* through the Sifchain Token Sale Contribution App here: The app will only support Metamask wallets on desktop Chrome. See step by step instructions here If you wish to purchase without the app, you can find the necessary documentation here.

Having issues with your registration? Email [email protected].


Note: Applicants domiciled in any of the following countries/regions are ineligible to participate in the Token Sale: United States, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Belarus, Burma, Crimea, Côte D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mali, Burundi, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and/or any other country or territory that is the subject of country-wide or territory-wide sanctions from the United States.


Token Sale

Token Sale Registration Start Date: 11 January 2021
Token Sale Registration End Date: 29 January 2021, 11:59pm GMT*
Token Sale Start Date: 19 February 2021, 5:00am GMT
Token Sale End Date: 26 Februrary 2021, 6:00am GMT

* We have agreed to continue to allow applications to be submitted until January 29th 12:00 am GMT with the caveat that any applications received after the original January 24th 11:59pm deadline are NOT GUARANTEED to be evaluated by February 3rd. We expect that a large portion of the late applications will be evaluated before the 3rd, but they will only be processed after the earlier submissions.

We know how eager you are to be a part of our mission, and we want to serve you to the best of our ability. We hope this is the best way we can do it.

Security Notice: Do not send your contribution through any other means than the application linked above. We will never ask you to send your contribution without using the app. We will never communicate with you other than through official email addresses.

How are you pricing tokens?

The Sifchain Token Sale is implemented as a smart contract liquidity pool. This means that pricing of the eRowan token is determined dynamically based on the balance of eRowan in the pool. The liquidity pool will start at 8,750,000 eRowan and increase by ~364583.333 eRowan every hour for seven days*. As eRowan is added to the liquidity pool, the price will fall and as tokens are purchased from the liquidity pool, the price will rise.

* Ethereum network/technical circumstances permitting.

Starting Price: ~0.3 USDT per eRowan
Starting amount of eRowan in pool: 8.75M eRowan
Additional eRowan added to the pool each hour: ~364K eRowan
Maximum amount of eRowan to be sold: 70M eRowan

Why are we pricing tokens this way?

It is common for token sales to set a static token price throughout the duration of the sale, or tier the pricing based on the number of days since the sale began. This allows a token purchaser to buy tokens at a price that does not reflect the demand for the token from other purchasers. Further, it allows a small group of purchasers to purchase tokens before purchasers that enter the sale at a later time. It is our goal to ensure that every qualified purchaser has a chance to purchase tokens at a price that is commensurate with available supply and community demand.

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